Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pony Theme Songs

For a little while now I've been wondering, if each of the mane six had a theme song, what would those be?
The ideas I've got so far are not exactly solid and I do welcome suggestions. I might come back to this post later if I think of something better. But here we go regardless:

Twilight Sparkle - "The Educated Fool" by Iron Maiden
A flawless match if you ask me.

Applejack - "Dani California" by Red Hot Chili Peppers
A runner, a rebel and a fighter swinging hammers in Alabama. Sounds like good old AJ to me!

Rarity - "Vanity" by Lady Gaga
She might not be all that vain, but you better not even think of messing up her hair

Fluttershy - "Papillon" by Editors
It's a lovely song that could tell a timid, insecure character to keep fighting. Plus, the name means "butterfly"

Pinkie Pie - "This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song" by System of A Down
Okay, okay. It's a placeholder. But still... Pinkie has her moments.

Rainbow Dash - "All Fired Up" by Judas Priest
A burst of speed is all she needs. RD loves racing and she's got a lightning bolt mark for a reason!

Cool Scratch art by xXMioXx


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    1. Ryan A.K.A. StripySniper:-

      A Few possible songs for Rainbow Dash (My Favourite:-
      "Old Enough to Rock an Roll" by Rainey Haynes

      "Open Your Heart" by Crush 40

      For Rarity:-
      "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend" by Marilyn Monroe - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZRs__rmYMc

      For AppleJack:-
      "Heartland" - George Strait

      For Twilight Sparkle:-
      "Magic" - Pilot

      For PinkPie:-
      Let Me Hit It - (audiostalkers original mix)

      couldn't think of flutter shy...sowwi ^^ loving the blog btw! <3 xx

    2. Ah, glad you like my blog! :D And that's quite a nice list you've put together. Especially the AJ song. It actually made me think on something I could have added for her - Sweet Home Alabama ( http://youtu.be/ye5BuYf8q4o ), which seems like a good choice considering how important her home is to her.