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Time Squad: a review

 Time Squad is another one of Cartoon Network's fun, but short-lived and soon forgotten shows. It ran for two seasons and has 26 episodes in total (technically it's 52, since they're 10 minute episodes grouped by two).

Action takes place in the year 100,000,000 AD. The Earth has somehow managed to reach a stable utopia state -  "no wars, no pollution, and bacon is good for your heart."
And here's the technobabble -  "time is like a rope". As time constantly progresses, the past starts to "unravel". History starts messing up, which affects the future. Obviously, this needs to be prevented in order to preserve Earth in the perfect state it's in.

And that's where the Time Squad comes in with their famous motto - "Ensuring the past to protect our future."

Here's who our heroes are:
Officer Buck Tuddrussel - an infantile musclehead who wanted to be a cop. But since he was lucky enough to live in an utopia, he ended up being a "time cop" instead. Buck's talents lie solely in shooting and kicking the crap out of people. On a side note, I would guess that he's a reference to Buck Rogers.

Lawrence "Larry" 3000 - an android who was designed as a diplomat. But since the Earth's governments have formed a single nation, he has to be re-assigned. Larry is proficient at all things girly - he can cook complex dishes an average person has ever heard of, his speech and manners are excellent and he's very good at embroidery. He's also a bitter, miserable misanthropic git a lot of the time, but, once again, girly things make him happy. Larry is essentially a parody of C-3PO, which the creator himself admits to.

Otto Osworth - a present day orphan who was "adopted" by Buck and Larry despite Time Squad regulations. He's a young prodigy with a passion for history and therefore the only one in the squad who knows what needs to be done.

So is the series actually educational? On a very basic level, perhaps. But mostly it's just dumb fun. You get to watch the big names in history making idiots of themselves (to be fair, the squad does the same).

And here's my usual rating breakdown:

Series name: " Time Squad "
Foxy's rating: 
Expectations Exceeded? Not really
Disappointed: No
Writing: It isn't bad. The episodes are reasonably entertaining and the stories don't drag.
Animation: I like it. The style is simply nice and there isn't anything wrong with the motion.
Action:  Very slapstick, which is great
Drama: Fantastic at times. Anything to do with Larry is bound to be hilarious. And there are no "serious" moments at all in the series.
Humour: Very silly, but fun.
Worth watching: I'd say so. It's a reasonably fun show that's simply nice. The squad acts like a dysfunctional family and there's an interesting enough mix of characters to make that entertaining.

The best episode:
Every Poe Has a Silver Lining—The Time Squad discover that famed horror writer Edgar Allan Poe is now overly cheerful and writing children's books, and must remind Poe of how horrible the world really is.

Though you might also like this one:
Orphan Substitute—While on a mission to 2001 to stop George W. Bush from building the world's biggest ball of twine, Otto is taken back to the orphanage from which he came (as seen in the first episode) by Sister Thornly. Without Otto, Larry and Tuddrussel must once again try to complete a historical mission (this time centered on Christopher Columbus) on their own, but when that fails, they scour many orphanages from the past to find a replacement boy genius.
(episode synopses taken from Wikipedia)

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