About Me

Who I am
Hey. I'm Foxy - an artist with a degree in computer games art.

What I do
Various digital and traditional art, including 3D modeling. I'm mainly a concept artist, who mostly deals with characters.
Art aside, I enjoy watching cartoons, reading books, looking for cool music and travelling. I also have a thing for fancy tea.

Why I blog
'Cause why not. I like sharing my opinions and finding like-minded people.
This blog doesn't have a set theme or schedule, though cartoon reviews are "a thing" here.
I post if I find something cool, see something noteworthy, or just have some thoughts I want to share.

What I'm like
The two things I rather enjoy in life are drawing and being opinionated. I have a reputation for hating everything, which is an outrageous lie. I'm easier to put up with than my blog implies, yet am a bit nastier than I appear in life.
I generally enjoy being friendly, though won't go out of my way to "love and tolerate" everyone in sight. 

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