Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Pony Sunday

Episode of the week: Mystery on the Friendship Express
I didn't like it. It was significantly more childish than every other episode in its season, as if it was aiming at a demographic at least 5 years younger than the actual target audience of the show (and yes, I do mean kids).
It went overboard with silliness to a point where the jokes were no longer amusing. Some of the visual gags had too much unnecessary complexity to them, making the situation too unrealistic to be actually funny. The whole thing just looked like a desperate attempt to entertain a discontented baby.

In my eyes, it failed as a mystery special. The fact that Scooby Doo episodes are pretty much the same length shows that "Mystery on the Friendship Express" (I also think "Mystery on the Canterlot Express" would have been a better title) had all the chances of being a good, elaborate detective story. Instead, the plot was very basic and it just dragged on. The point of any good mystery tale was completely missed - the viewer never got  a chance to make any guesses. The clues were so basic we weren't even shown any until the reveal.

All in all, a disappointing attempt that suffered greatly from a lack of a convincing problem, as well as bad storytelling in general. I think this script would have worked well in G3, which was aimed at much younger children.

Anyway! Moving on...

Community Highlights
Art of the week:
Gummy and Pinkie
Queen Chrysalis
Queen Chrysalis (2)
Wrong turn
Chrysalis The Dark Queen (I've been waiting for this! A rather badass painting closely resembling 40k battle art).

Videos of the Week:
"We are No Pushovers" Hub Promo
Epic Wub Time: Musicians of Ponyville
MAGIC.MOV (not exactly new, but perhaps someone's not seen it yet)

Great scene. Still didn't like the episode.

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