Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Pony Sunday

Well, I haven't done this for a while! My apologies. Since the season has just finished, I will be reviewing the episodes I've missed from latest to earlies in the upcoming weeks.

This Week's Episode:  A Canterlott Wedding
My verdict? It was rather awesome. Not sure if it will be in my top 5, but it's fantastic for what it is. It was very Disney - we got a prince and a princess about to get married and a treacherous villain trying to stop them. A villain with a swarm of evil mindless minions, I might add! There were some heartfelt songs that, I'm sure, were purposely Disneyesque. Especially since we've finally heard an evil character sing, as they tend to do in Disney movies. That's all good.
Now what makes the episode awesome? Spoiler alert, if you haven't seen it! 
The changelings look pretty badass! I thought the queen didn't look all that great in the show's visual style, but I love the concept anyway. The hungry swarm of these bug-like creatures just looked like the MLP version of Tyranids. 
Another thing I loved was that not only did queen Chrysalis simply defeat Celestia, but the mane six haven't even had a chance to stop her. Sure, she was beaten by "the power of love", but let's face it, it's a more original solution than just using the elements of harmony and their giant rainbow death ray. 
What could have been improved, imo? Well, much like the other two-parters, it felt rushed. I guess we are kind of used to it by now. I know this can't be done, but I wish MLP was a slower-paced series with multiple intertwining plot lines. For example, I would have liked to see Twilight wandering through the crystal caves for a few days while the villain tries to convince her friends that everything's fine, or replaces her with a changeling and the friends are starting to notice something's not quite right.  Instead, Twilight escapes the caves in no time at all, which makes it sound like the evil queen was majorly exaggerating when she said you could wander in the caves forever. And once again, we get the effect of "Oh look! An awesome villain! ...and they've killed it".
I know it's too much to ask for from a kid's show, but I think it would have been a lot more interesting if it didn't have a predictable "problem-solution" structure to every episode.
(Then again, we got "Swarm of the Century". The ending made me happy).

Community Highlights
Okay, since during all the weeks I've missed I've only been looking at art, I'm just gonna feature a lot of images this time!

Art of the Week:
My Punky Pony - Rarity (If you know me, you'll know that I'm a sucker for cool mohawks!)
Everything Changes
Long Live the Queen
Trixie - I won't lie anymore...

South Pony
Error in Trajectory
The Fun Has Been Doubled
Luna's Lament
Smart and Fancy
MLP: Manly Dash is Manly
Derpy and Dinky
Hell's Kitchen
MeFashionista - Krakenbell
Rainbow Dash Charm
Spike and Peewee
Woodland Cottage
Establish Pony Connection..4:3
MLP - Another day o' labor
My Little Sharkies
Derpy's gonna Derp
The Muffin Queen
There On The Battlefield She Stands
Dusk in the North

Queen Chrysalis in all her glory. She might as well be saying:" That's right! No one cares about you, ponies! It's all about us changelings now."

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