Friday, March 9, 2012

My all-time favourite video game - Snake!

Yes, despite being on a Games Art course, I like simple addictive games.
If you'd like to know more about how Snake developed, check out the wiki article. I've decided not to copy and paste its brief history into the post and pretend I knew it all along.

The first time I've ever played Snake was on a friend's phone. I think it was the legendary Nokia 3310. I remember having little tournaments with friends during gym class (why yes, we clearly were very dedicated students).
for those who miss playing the game on an old cell phone, this page should make you happy. I scored 674 on "worm" level , if anyone wants to beat me.
I think this game could be the exact copy of the classic Nokia one, but I don't remember it that well to be certain.

I'm sure you've seen various Snake spin-offs that are plastered all over the internet.
Well, I do have two favourite ones, which happen to be Neopets games. Getting points and trophies for playing flash games makes me feel less like I'm just pointlessly wasting time. ...Anyway! The two games:

Meerca Chase II - A Snake game with a few variations - it features a maze mode and a freestyle mode. Also as you progress through the game the play area fills with obstacles. There's also two hidden codes: type "superextrahypergravitymode" to unlock gravity mode, which I really like, and "ferociousneggsareontheloose" for a survival mode.

Wrath Of The Snowager  is quite an interesting take on Snake. You play as the giant ice worm called Snowager, who tries to get back his treasure from a thief. You have to move around a rather large field (compared to most such games) with obstacles in it. What I like the most is that you get to chase and attack an enemy. The thief never dies, of course. But knocking him over to make him drop treasure is quite fun. And you get to blast him with ice a few times in each level.

My favourite version of the game is called "Snakes". It came with my phone (Nokia n70) and was originally developed for Nokia N-Gage. 
I think the guy who made it is a genius. It's a 3D snake that's still simple and addictive, yet has some features of its own. The design is minimalistic, but still eye-catching. The music is great. And, most importantly, it's fun! 
I kind of wish I had a chance of trying out the multiplayer on N-Gage. But either way, I really enjoyed playing it and in my opinion the game is absolutely fantastic for what it is!
Check out this review if you'd like to know more!
some cool fanart by Digoma

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