Friday, March 23, 2012

Freaky Friday

What's this? A new themed day? Why yes, it is! It won't be a weekly thing though. I'm very aware of how horrendously behind I am on my weekly themed posts as it is.

Despite what some may think, I've never done drugs. And who needs them when there's plenty of surreal art out there! I don't "automatically" like every psychedelic painting under the sun. It's very "hit or miss". But certain pieces really manage to capture my attention, whether they're mysterious, or just downright messed up. 

This week I'd like to share the works of Anton Semenov, or Gloom 82, as he's known on Deviant Art. I'm quite fond of the desaturated dream-like quality of his work. Kind of reminds me of why I was sometimes afraid to sleep as a kid. Which I blame soviet animation for. I won't be surprised if it's also the artist's inspiration fuel. 
So here are some of my personal picks from Anton's gallery:

City of decay
Hostess of the copper hill
Black dream


  1. I like Home and Black Dream of those.

    1. Yeah, I like those quite a lot,too. I have actually been wondering for a while why "Home" stands out so much to me with it being such a simple painting (compared to some other things in the artist's gallery anyway).
      I also quite like "Noon", except the kid in it just freaks me out and puts the painting into the "not my kind of creepy" category for me.