Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Super Best Friends Forever!

It looks like the animated show Lauren Faust has been working on is getting out next weekend!
You can read the "TV Guide" article about it in her DA journal.

I was expecting a full-on animated series, but it looks like we're just getting a bunch of fun and silly animated shorts instead, that will be popping up during a superhero programming block on Cartoon Network. They each run just over a minute. Would I say that's too short? Nah. As Lauren said, "it's like telling a visual joke". And a minute is plenty of time for one joke.

From what I understand, the Super BFFs are the characters below. I quite like these concepts. It's definitely Lauren's style. But I think there's a certain Genndy Tartakovsky vibe there as well. It seems to be especially strong in the Wonder Girl concept. To me she looks like she could very well be Samurai Jacks's sister, considering how bold some of the lines are. My guess is that they wanted to actually make her look Greek. I think that worked (yes, Jack is Asian. I know. The race wasn't what I meant!)
Surprisingly, I really like Supergirl here. If Lauren draws a determined-looking frowning female, it usually means they're the badass of the group. I like the fact that she doesn't look plastic. It's nice to see a tough blonde character with self-respect. (Can't tell about the "self-respect" part from a concept piece? Face it, Lauren simply won't have it any other way).

And Batgirl looks positively mental. All she's missing is a party canon.

All in all, it looks like this show is going to be great fun. I look forward to the inevitable youtube uploads.

I can't help but wonder how much accidental property damage these gals are gonna cause with their fearless deeds... Hopefully, plenty!

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