Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mark Twain, Satan and retro animation

So I was on Youtube today and I've seen a link to a video called "Scariest kids tv show EVER!!".
Naturally, I've clicked it. I've seen Nanalan. If there was anything more disturbing in the world of children's entertainment, I had to see it to believe it!

So I've seen the video. And I liked it.
Sure, if you really want, you can start freaking out about "Satan" being in a kids' cartoon. But if you bother looking closer you'll see that this animation clearly isn't aimed at small children and "Satan" is just a name that's there to make you think. Personally I love the creepy, yet classy vibe of that clip. The Mysterious Stranger is a very charismatic character. Like any good villain, the guy's got style! Plus, there's nothing quite like a nicely-done clay animation!
I will definitely be interested in seeing the rest of this movie when I have the time.
Does anyone else miss the old classic cartoons that weren't afraid to scare people? 
If you share my nostalgia, here's a few clips from the old classics compiled into  a neat little music video!

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