Sunday, January 3, 2016

My alternative to caffeine

I've never been a fan of coffee or energy drinks, and I've stopped drinking black tea some time ago, but every now and then I feel like drinking something uplifting.

I've heard of some people drinking ginseng to feel more awake, while others say that adding a shot of wheatgrass to their smoothie works wonders.

Here's what works pretty well for me: the lemongrass and ginger tea from Pukka Herbs. 

I'm a fan of Pukka teas in general, and this is one of my tops favourites. 

I don't know if this tea would help you wake up, but, if your tastes are anything like mine, you'll at least enjoy the flavour. It has a certain zing, but not a terribly strong one. This tea is flavoursome and slightly sweet. Like all Pukka teas, it's organic. It tastes pretty good cold as well.

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