Friday, December 21, 2012

Freaky Friday

There are few things freakier than creative taxidermy. This particular specimen was made in the UK and fetched £330 at auction. As the artist herself states, the odd human-like look was intentional. And for those wondering, the fox died of natural causes.

The fox's story seems to stop there, as far as the Western side of the web is concerned. However, this character became pretty big in Russia of all places. It's even made the news. The creator started getting fan mail on a regular basis, which has inspired her to make a couple more pieces like this. No doubt, they'll pop up soon enough.

Aside from its overall freakishness, it was the fox's dazed look that brought it popularity, and the critter became known as "Stoned Fox". It inspired a ton of photo-manips that spread like wildfire all over "Runet".  Here's a few examples:

"You've got some serious issues, my friend"

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