Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Who the hell are hipsters?
Seriously. Everyone and their dog is mentioning them. If you were to ask me what "hipster" meant just a few months ago I would have told you that it's a type of underwear (quite a nice model as well. Both pretty and practical!). Now all of a sudden everyone seems to be referring to some kind of a modern subculture with that name. Does anyone actually know what they are, including the hipsters themselves?

Well, I've briefly glanced through this wiki article and keeping in mind the images I've seen, "hipsters" are what "emo" was meant to be when it was just starting: before the pink and black clothes, stripy socks, tutus and guyliner. I imagine a hipster as a young person wearing thick-rimmed glasses and an obscure scarf-like object of choice and sporting a "I'm too unique, intelligent and interesting to treat you unworthy creatures as equal" attitude. Also possibly equipped with a fancy overpriced coffee and an even fancier and more overpriced gadget of choice. Basically annoying scum with a high opinion of themselves.

Some finds on the subject:

If hipster fashion inspires you, this doll-maker should make you happy! It's a male one as well.
And we've also got a hipster Santa Christmas card!
The hipster Trixie was taken from PixelKitties (AppleLie is from Felix-KoT 
by the way)

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