Sunday, March 11, 2012

Is John Cena a Brony?

So I was watching a WWE wrestling match the other day and I thought that The Rock called John Cena a brony to insult him. Turns out I've just misheard it and what he actually said was "jabroni", which was a new word to me. 
So I got curious if I was the only idiot who's heard it wrong, and went on Youtube. I didn't find the clip I was after, but I've managed to dig up something a bit more interesting.

Is John Cena a Brony? Make sure you watch the whole thing. It's only over a minute long. Don't just quit half-way thinking it's a stupid voice-over joke.
I agree with the note in the video. There's definitely a lot of similarity between the two voice clips. 

Is he a brony? Most likey we'll never know. Not until he retires anyway. You can't tell from one clip. And I really don't think he'd be allowed to publicly admit liking a cartoon for little girls, since he's meant to be a role model  for the kids.
But, who cares! His "whining" made me laugh!

P.S. Naturally, this had to exist. Rarity's manly whining.

Ponies and wrestling? Why not!

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